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Positive Effects

Within 5 minutes of using the Natural Pen, I felt a calmness and anxiety free. I felt fearless and able to conquer my day. Living with anxiety had become a day to day routine, I experienced it in everything I did and had become accustom to living with it. There were many days that I could not function due to stress and panic. Many days I couldn’t drive due to fear of a fiery crash on the freeway…that never happened.  anxiety relief. I have had anxiety so bad that I’ve had to sit like you do when you brace to crash in a plane.

I have, on occasion, got so scared that I have stopped breathing. After doing my internet homework, I discovered the Natural Pen. It was a God send. I could drive without panic. #1 remedy for panic. I could breath and stay calm. I could get through my day thanks to the Natural Pen. It is a much better alternative to prescription drugs. All I needed to conquer my day was two squirts in the morning and two in the early evening.

Some people turn to alcohol or drugs…I love the Natural Pen.—OUTSTANDING— I would have never believed there existed a natural product to combat my anxiety and panic which were only getting worse…very close to out of control. Anxiety and panic crept up on me due to the stressors in my life. For many years , I didn’t even know these psychological-physiological ? existed. stress relief.

I just knew I kept feeling an impending feeling of gloom and doom. By personal choice, I have never subscribed to pharmaceutical cures ie: Xanax, although most of my collegues used them. panic relief. I always felt a common sense of “robot” personalities when I was around them. I knew I did NOT want to feel drugged or high. 

I just wanted to feel in control of myself again. As the sole provider of 2 small children I walked a fine line of losing my mind or losing everything. I began to research panic, anxiety, depression and stress and…mind-boggling to me I wasn’t the only person living this nightmare…while trying to control it and hide it. At first I was skeptical and feared the sense of feeling drugged.

I, apprehensively, tried two squirts alone in the confines of my home. Again, OUTSTANDING, within minutes, I felt calm, I felt in control, I felt fearless. I felt I could zero in on my responsibilities. This feeling of being able to manage my life was insurmountable. I felt like I had the key, my prayers had been answered! I had a new (but old) outlook on life…a new beginning…the unforgiving chains of anxiety and panic were finally off of me.

Now that I’ve found the Natural Pen, I do not live with anxiety and stress anymore like I used to. knew my doors were closing , I knew my comfort level was compromised by the change in the economic environment. Closing my doors meant failure. I’ve never failed at anything in my life. It’s a complete feeling of despair the unknown. . . . .

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