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Our starter kit comes with six of our best selling product the CBD oil vapor pen. One pen for you to enjoy the health benefits and five for you to sell.

Income opportunity:

Our best selling product is the CBD oil vapor pen retail is $26.00

Buy 5 CBD vapor pens for only 100.          retail $156.         $20.00 each

Buy 15 CBD vapor pens for only 262.        Retail $390.       $17.50 each

Buy 33 CBD vapor pens for only 500.        retail $858.        $15.15 each

Buy 80 CBD vapor pens for only 1000.     retail $2080.     $12.50 each

Buy 240 CBD vapor pens for only 2500.   retail $6240.     $10.50 each

Buy 555 CBD vapor pens for only 5000.   retail $14,430    $9.00 each

Bring a friend or two to get volume discounts.

We do not ask you to grow a down line. We ask you to get a few friends to join you in buying in bulk.

That’s right, get a few friends together and buy at a bulk discount.

We are looking for a handful of motivated people that want to make some money while helping people.

CBD oil is a natural remedy for many of today’s ailments like;

Anxiety, Stress, Panic, PTSD, Pain, Diabetes, Kills Cancer, Epilepsy, Opioid or Alcohol dependence, Insomnia, MS, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Asthma, Arthritis and many more ailments.

So you want to work for yourself and make some great money?

You can get started owning running your own company for only $100.

What is better than marketing an amazing product that has many medical benefits?

We have a full line of CBD products, from the best-selling CBD oil vapor pen to pain cream we have it all. Other products are gummies, capsules, drops, pain cream and the fastest and most effective delivery system is our vapor pen.

Now let’s talk money,

We are a non MLM company, NO DOWN LINE. Simply bring your friends for huge buying discounts.

You can earn 20,30 up to 40% commission on products depending on volume.

For your added help we off sales presentation assistance if needed for bigger retail accounts.

We are interested in your success and will help you get where you want to be.

If you are motivated and really interested in making money selling amazing CBD products

Give me a call at 602-741-9518 for an interview.

Thank you

James Waide


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